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Dios Trio - High On Bikes

Image of Dios Trio - High On Bikes

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Dios Trios debut album dropped september last year & when the band put out the call for help with a physical release we just knew it had to be us!

Melodic math rock, mixing frantic guitar work with a pop sensibility and a nice twist of midwestern emo.
For fans of Ghosts and Vodka, Piglet, Tera Melos, Fang Island & anything Kinsella!

1. Yo, Duh!
2. Japan
3. High On Bikes
4. Pip
5. Squeak
6. Chef
7. Minzi
8. Spoons

High On Bikes by dios trio

Limited hand stenciled CD (took funking ages!) so some variation will occur, some will look awesome, some slightly less awesome, thats just DIY bitches!

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